New Tara Transmission

Personal channeled guidance and activation of the Power of the New Tara within - to release attachment to suffering and live more from your heart.


This transmission works partly with mental understanding and partly beyond the limitations of understanding.

...Are you ready to move beyond your ego and her stories?

...Are you ready to stand in your full power of conscious creation?

...Do you want more expansive joy in life?

To awaken your inner power of the New Tara is to reclaim all your divine power of choice and to choose for yourself how you would like to experience life.

This transmission helps your awareness to move beyond understanding for divine downloads that empowers you to release addiction to suffering, and make new brilliant choices in life!

Green Tara speaks:

"The transmission is an inner alignment of frequencies activating DNA and lightcodes to unleash and make available the power to choose, the resolution and determination within to choose love, joy, prosperity, to be seen, accepted, loved and acknowledged. This is the New Tara emerging.

Each and every one of you carry this seed deep within and can activate it and initiate yourself with or without my help, but through Marie's transmission you get powerful assistance and loving support in the process."

The New Tara Transmission is:

A recording of ~30 min channeled meditation and guidance just for you from Ascended Master Goddess Green Tara sent to your email.

Included is a potent activation of your inner power of the New Tara which activates your ability, inner strength and willingness to CHOOSE in everyday moments. 

800 SEK = 98 USD as of 29th July 2017.

Please allow 3-5 working days (often less) to receive the recording in your inbox.

“THANK YOU!!! This was spot on! Thank you amazing Marie! Thank you Green Tara! Thank you, thank you for your message and activation!

A seed quickly grew up through my body, lush with lots of leaves, sparkling of life and joy. So powerful!”
— Emelie Taavo, Regression therapist, earth sister, channeling Saint Birgitta & light language

“Now I’ve listened to the transmission and wow! The energy was absolutely amazing! My whole body tingled and I felt wonderful and warm. I feel both calm and excited at the same time now afterwards ❤

And I have to add that you have an amazing voice. A BIG thank you from my heart to yours.”
— Emma Malmsten, Channel for mother earth, nature spirits, angels, masters & more...

“Now I have listened. 5-6 times. ☺ There are different things that come to me every time. Sometimes I go away completely and am not at all conscious and almost fall asleep. Or fall asleep.

Other times I have laughed quietly to myself in recognition.

It was a great transmission. You have a wonderful, beautiful and soft voice that is just perfect for this and makes it very easy to relax and feel safe.”
— Sonja Kidron, "Love is my religion"

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist or medical practitioner.  In no way does my work replace the care given by licensed mental health providers or medical doctors. The intuitive information given is not intended to be taken as medical or psychological advice or diagnosis. I make no claim that my work directly treats or cures any psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual disorders.  You agree to be fully responsible for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.