New Tara Immersion Series

Four personal channeled recorded transmissions aimed to release your attachment to suffering and activate the power of the New Tara.


This immersion series empowers you to release addiction to suffering and embody your sovereignty and divine truth.

...Are you ready for more deep inner work?

...Are you ready to make yet another giant leap in your ascension?

...Are you sick and tired of your ego/stories/commentary and want to move beyond?

...Are you ready to step into the truth of your divinity?

It is time to unleash the power of the New Tara

The power of the New Tara is your inner power that give strength and courage for you to step into sovereignty and empower you to create more joy in your life.

To share your light brighter, with greater impact than ever.


To awaken your inner power of the New Tara is to reclaim all your divine power of choice and to choose for yourself how you would like to experience life.

These transmissions helps your awareness to move beyond understanding for divine downloads that empowers you to release addiction to suffering, and make new brilliant choices in life!

The four step journey:

1. Enlighten your stories

2. A release ceremony and initiation to the power of the New Tara

3. Reclaim the power

4. Guidance for continuing your work of Light

This immersion series takes you through a four step journey, which is channeled personally for you, so the content can vary slightly from the above.

Green Tara says:

"With the power of New Tara, inner strength becomes resolute and inner strength invites courage to help you to decide to step fully into your power and take full responsibility for your experience."

Each New Tara Transmission is:

A personal recording of 30 min channeled meditation and guidance from Ascended Master Goddess Green Tara, according to the four steps above, sent to your email.

Value of 4 transmissions = 4800 SEK (555 USD)

3600 SEK = 418 USD as of 14th June 2017. Check current exchange rate here.

Please allow 3-5 working days (often less) to receive the first recording in your inbox. The following transmissions will be sent one each following week.


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist or medical practitioner.  In no way does my work replace the care given by licensed mental health providers or medical doctors. The intuitive information given is not intended to be taken as medical or psychological advice or diagnosis. I make no claim that my work directly treats or cures any psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual disorders.  You agree to be fully responsible for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.