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Manifestation is not BAD, it is co-creation

Manifestation is not BAD, it is co-creation

Lately I have felt this collective turning away from the manifestation process (darn, it didn't work!) and the return to just BE and WAIT for what is yours to come your way.

I am on the other hand (among many of course) stepping more into my co-creation powers and feel that we don’t need to wait and allow anything to happen to us.

We can be the co-creators we have been empowered to be and we can be it now.

We have immense powers to manipulate energy and to direct it to serve our soul purpose.

We can be powerful manifesting geniuses if we allow ourselves to be.

We can be supported while on our light casting journey and we can manifest this support ourselves because we know what we need.

We can take our power back and pave the way for our own success. We don’t need to give our power away to the universe because we are meant to CO-create our lives.

And even if we feel that we get and come across what we are meant to come across, we co-create this too.

We co-create “not getting things” and we co-create “not receiving” too.

So in what way do you want to co-create?

Actively with awareness or passively out of your ingrained beliefs?

I am sharing out of my own experience of reclaiming my power back to create my reality. From understanding the ego’s role in manifestation/creation of life and things/money/successes/events/people/opportunities and the stories I am telling myself.


I am sharing this in three ways:

  1. The Samsara Secret Masterclass which is an ego immersive experience to unravel thought patterns.
  2. The free guide: “Manifesting Magic in Sacred Businesses”
  3. The Light Academy which is a group coaching program yet to be release were we align our ego energy, our soul mission energy and our “allowing-money” energy into super clarity of our services and the external and energetic expression of those. For greater reach of our light.

Because I believe in your innate power to manipulate energy and align energy to support your divine mission here on earth. You are so worth every bit of support and every success in sharing your light.


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Why we are feeling reluctant to talk about money

Why we are feeling reluctant to talk about money

Do you fear making money?

Do you fear making money?