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Death, one way to let go

I used to feel like I wasn’t good enough. I felt less than others.

I felt like I couldn’t do a lot of things, like I wasn’t worthy of making exciting choices, unless someone else confirmed that it was in fact a good idea.

I used to not really know what I wanted either or know what made me feel happy. Someone once asked me what my values were and I had NO IDEA. I am rambling…

Anyway, I used to also have dreams of becoming a yoga teacher, that I couldn’t make real since….... “I was not the one to do those things.” “I couldn’t.” “I wasn’t skilled enough at yoga.” “I didn’t fit the mold”. So many ideas of how things were and limitations that I placed on myself.

It had to come to the sad passing of a family member to open my eyes and look beyond the limiting conditions I was living by. I asked myself, what would I do if I got a death sentence from the doctors?

The answer came easily and I knew that I couldn’t wait until a nearby death was looming.

I had to plan it out and I did. I followed my heart's desire and from there I have grown so much and several years later, I am not teaching yoga anymore, but it was a VITAL step on my journey.

I am so grateful for the influence the passing of A had on my life. Still to this day. I am so so grateful.


Letting go - a vital part of expanding

Letting go is a major part of the Wheel of Samsara that I talk about the Samsara Secret Masterclass.

We can be all aware of our thoughts and the pattern and effect they play, but then we also need to let go at some stage.

Let go of the stories about our experience that we tell ourselves, which in many ways are not true. Often complete nonsense actually.


Physical death

Physical death is hard for those that hold on hard to the ideas they have about themselves and their life. Death is easy for those who let go of the preconceived ideas they once had about themselves, their identity and life.

Ask any nurse caring for patients waiting to die.


The death of one identity = an awakening of another

Really, it's the ideas we have about our identity that is hard to let go of, because of interfering karmic patterns and the influence from the ego.

Letting go is something we need to do though, to release the illusion and conditions we create for ourselves, so that we can experience the unlimited version of us that is amazing and FULL of creativity, joy, love and happiness!

In my Masterclass I will talk more about this to inspire you to experience more of life and be more of who you were meant to be in this life. Learn more about the Samsara Secret Masterclass here.


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What is illusion?

What is illusion?

Did you know that the ego makes you do this?

Did you know that the ego makes you do this?