Do you want to reclaim the power over your experience?

Are you ready to share more of your light?

...then perhaps your visit here is no coincident...

I am here to help people on the spiritual path to release attachment to suffering.

Because you are needed and so is your light.

By releasing suffering from your life more and more and more, you can step more fully into your full potential, express yourself in your complete radiance and share your gifts with the world, without limiting yourself.

I am dedicated to share the Oracle of the New Tara with you as a lightworker myself, who have gone through an accelerated initiation to the divine purpose of my soul, through my share of suffering and my work with Green Tara.

I keep evolving everyday too and I am, like you, experiencing the expansion and contraction of the awakening process. My main guide and mentor Green Tara and the Dakini Angels keep being a fantastic support team for me and when they called me to share with others, the amazing activation possible now, I say a big heartfelt yes!

You can experience the divine support of Ascended Master Goddess Green Tara and the Dakini Angels in my channeled New Tara Transmissions (one off or Immersion Series). In it, I bring through specific guidance for your unique work with your ego / suffering / blocks / thoughts / stories and a powerful activation of your inner power of the New Tara.

In my more in-depth program The Dakini Sister Soul Manifestation Group Program we explore prosperity and manifestation of our soul purpose (=soul business) through radical self-love and a deep process of releasing attachment to suffering.

I am offering containers for deep healing and activation of the New Tara within yourself. The New Tara which as a force from within will help you release your addiction to suffering and live more in bliss than ever!

With great love,